गुरुवार, 14 मई 2020

Poem : The Time

" The Time "

The story of time and it's unification
it's wait for none
it does not have any derivation .
in the long period of mechanical life
it doesn't with anyone .
because it is totally wise 
it is along with everyone .
even it counts the rotation of the sun
between the space and time have some ab-traction
which leads to Einstein  relation
according to the time everything is well
because before the time everyone is equal 
time never makes any differentiation . 

Poet : Devraj kumar , Class : 10th , Apna Ghar 

Poet Intro : This poem whose title name is "The Time " is being written by Devraj who belong to Bihar from a small distric called Navada . Devral loves to write poem which inspire the people and get motivated to learn something new . Instead of writing poem he also like to Dance and good in this activity .

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