शुक्रवार, 7 दिसंबर 2018

Poem : When someone challenges you

" When someone challenges you "

When someone challenges you,
when life really strikes you.
either it is time of extremity and
your group haven't unity.
if it is a bad situation,
either there is no one teach you lesson.
then don't give everything
and let's open your wings.
and think every things in my fever,
and don't say the bad situation never.
let it to come and ever say ever
until you have to reach the point
don't think for many coins.

Poet : Devraj kumar , class : 8th, Apna Ghar

Poet introduction : this poem belong to Mr. Devraj Kumar from class 8th . really it is marvelous poem and in this poem Devraj wants to tell about our bad situation when life strikes you . Devraj take interest in science ( Chemistry) and write poems. An enthusiast boy that can bring a big change in present life compare to his past life . He is golden brick that come from a normal brick kiln .

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