मंगलवार, 22 जनवरी 2019

Poem : your imagination

" Your imagination "

I want to drench in colorful fountain,
which come over through the mountain.
I want to do adventure,
which are so danger.
let's you too do something different
It's ok let's try few and
move to your mind development.
Think unbelievable and intangible
stop to living life in the shape of triangular.
melt deeply towards your aim brother,
that should be different as compared to other.
you can change your life and life action,
with help your imagination ....

Name : Devraj kumar , Class : 8th , Apna Ghar

Introduction : This poen is written by Devraj with his imagination. Devraj always put some message and inspirational things which people can understand and apply in their regular life . according to him we had live much life but now it's time to expand our thoughts .He loves to dance and write poems.

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