बुधवार, 10 मई 2017

A drizzling light knock my door,
when I lies on the floor.
Entire room fullfil with light,
The whole life like problem fight.
It brings immortial light,
Make us way with light.
marvelous idea on my mind,
Each and  every of  kind.
Future life with so much light,
darkness becomes bright ,
At once we would catch the light ..........
                      Name : Pranjul kumar , class :8th ,Apnaghar hostel 

poet introduction : He is pranjul and he belongs to chhatisgarh.His parents work in construction site his family background is very poor .He is getting education from Apnaghar assossiation .Pranjul interest in dance , play the cricket Biology,physics and mathematics .His favorite batsman is Virat Kohli .Always smile in his face .We hope that he will write new poems with new inspirations in his future.

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