गुरुवार, 14 मार्च 2019

Poem : exam stress

Exam stress

Exam increase children's stress,
and not have time to little rest . 
we always thing to score good marks,
and not give our best .
it always deprive us,
and burdun of syllabus over right us . 
there is no any ways,
to reduce our stress . 
we can now give our best,
sometime we always use to play . 
which is only thing,
which keeps our mind on right way .

                                                                         Poet : Devraj kumar , Class : 9th, Apna Ghar

 Poet introduction : This poem is written by Apna Ghar' student Devraj Kumar . Devraj loves to write poems and then compose it . His traditional birth place is Bihar but his parent migrate to Kanpur in search of work as well as his child's future they work in brickfield . Devraj at beginning also work in that field but now he enrolled himself in education and he is the first one who is studying from his home.

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