सोमवार, 13 नवंबर 2017

Poem :Try to fly

" Try to fly " 

When a little bird try to fly,
fall down many times but not shy.
till it rise up and then try. 
but its little uniques,
not help him to fly.  
A beautiful excitement,
which is in his mind.
when it see any bird flying,  
its mother never teach him to fly, 
but it has to learn by its trying........   

Poet : Devraj kumar , class: 7th, Apnaghar 

 Introduction : He is Devraj kumar belongs to Bihar state and settle in Apnaghar for study. He is always interested in dance , poem writting ,and sports as well as drama etc. He has always smile on his face .

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Meena sharma ने कहा…

Beautiful expressions.

Mumbai chapter ने कहा…

Beautiful !!!