शनिवार, 11 नवंबर 2017

poem : Beneath the Sky

" Beneath the Sky " 
We surprised beneath the sky,
why we can not go so high .
would be also have feather, 
so that we can fly together.
to sit on the clouds, 
talk a lot and clear all doubts. 
we face the first ray of sun, 
then release the ray of bun. 
no more problems and tension,
all bad deads fprgot, turn off television. 

Poet : Pranjul kumar , Class : 8th, Apnaghar 

Introduction : He is Pranjul from Chhattisgarh and he is well known for its poem , games ,drawing etc.He is good in study as well as mental skill .He joined Apnaghar for to change his family background from worst to better .