शुक्रवार, 12 जून 2020

Poem : My beautiful boat

" My beautiful boat "

when it was raining ,
I put my raincoat on.
the patches becomes full of water,
I made one boat of paper .
I loaded some flowers on,
which were from my garden .
it touch my heart all about,
boat was great when I proud .
I write letter to my friends,
I made a boat which is a trend .
I believe on my boat 
anywhere I will not land,
you also can make boat my friend .  

Poet : Mahesh kumar , class : 6th, Apna Ghar 

Introduction : This poem whose tittle name is " My beautiful boat" is written by mahesh which is from Banda district . He is very curious child to the new thing how it work . He is very interesting in writing poem , drawing etc. .

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