बुधवार, 27 सितंबर 2017

poem : Journey of life

" Journey of life " 

In the journeyof my life .
hindrance will be any where .
but the journey of aim .
 never stop anywhere . 
will I arrive at my aim ?
If today Iwill fail .
never will chance come again . 
my heart is saying .
you devote of precious time. 
if you want to gain something in life

poet : vikram kumar , class : 7th ,Apnaghar

Introduction : He is Vikram kumar belongs to Bihar state but he is living in Apnaghar campus for study .He has abundant of thinking power i,e he write very well and nice poems .He intrested in so many activities such as football , cricket ,kabaddi etc.always smile in his face .we hope that he will write many new and amazing poems in future .

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