शनिवार, 26 अगस्त 2017

poem -We suprised beneath the sky.

why we suprised 

We suprised beneath the sky. 
Why we can not go so high ?
Would be also have feather,
Then we can fly together. 
to sit on the clouds, 
and solve our all doubt .
we face first ray of Sun 
then release the ray of bun 
no any problem and tension
all bad deads forgot,
 switch on television 

Poet - Pranjul kumar , Class -8th , Apnaghar

Introduction -He is Pranjul kumar and he belongs to Chatisgarh .He is from poor family .present time he is living in Apnaghar institute for education .He loves to dance , study listeining music .

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ashishbrick@gmail.com ने कहा…

Nice poem.. Very nice....

BAL SAJAG ने कहा…

Thank you for read the poem and give courage to spread it to another .